Thank you for visiting this site.  My name is Noel Meyers.  I'm a local pastor.  As a parent of four school age kids, I am deeply concerned about the plans of the Philipsburg-Osceola Mills School Board and how this will affect the quality of our children’s education.  
Get informed.  Decide.  Act.
Every voice counts.  Make yours matter.

Please Sign the Petition to say NO to these plans (details below).
By signing the petition, I am telling the Philipsburg-Osceola Mills School Board to:
  • Not make these massive and unnecessary position cuts as proposed by Mr. Verbeck
  • Keep the Osceola Mills Elementary principal position in place for continued success at both of our elementary schools.


Current Plans of the P-O School Board

1.) Massive Cuts
  • Over $800,000 in 11 position cuts (proposed by Mr. Verbeck, Mrs. Timchak, Mrs. Holden)
  • These cuts are not requested by the director of finance for this year’s budget.
  • The superintendent, principals and lead people were not part of this planning.
  • Linda Bush, chairperson of Personnel Committee, was not included in this planning.
  • These cuts are proposed without regard to how they will affect programs.

2.) Eliminate the OME Principal Position    (OME = Osceola Mills Elementary)

  • There will be no principal for OME this fall – the position is gone.
  • The Philipsburg Elementary principal will be expected to oversee both buildings which include over 700 students and 60 teachers (far more students than any other principal has to oversee).
  • With new state regulations this fall, the principal will spend most of his time evaluating teachers.  Discipline, staff development and implementing good education programs will take a back seat.
  • This will hurt BOTH elementary schools and move us backwards in education.
  • This is not about finances – no cuts are necessary.
  • This is not about bad performance – actually the opposite.
These moves are wrong.  They are unnecessary.  
They hurt education.  They hurt our kids.

Tell the school board, “No” on these plans.  Now is the time to ACT!  Your voice does matter.   
Do these two simple steps:

1. Sign the petition at 

2. Tell other parents, family and friends about what's going on.  Pass it on!  
    Find us on Facebook at "the kids come first at po"

Next School Board Meeting:  Tuesday, May 28th Ÿ at 7pm Ÿ at the Philipsburg Elementary